DeBlaze Grill is an Italian Steakhouse located in Bridgeville, PA. We have worked with them since they opened their doors in April, 2019 and have seen them steadily grow in reach, customers, and revenue. 


4.9 out of 5 on Facebook

#1 Restaurant on Yelp Organically in less than 7 months

Page 1 on Google Organically in less than 8 months

53 Yelp Reviews


336 Total Reviews


Page Followers

Per Post Reach 

Eliza Jane Schneider is an iconic voice actor and world-renowned dialect coach of Oscar-winning stars. You may know her for her roles in South Park, Assassins Creed, Diablo 3, and tons more. We've had the great pleasure of helping Eliza grow her online voice acting and dialect classes.


1,000 + Qualified Leads in Less than 1 Month at 1/10 the cost



Sales Increase over 6 month period

Cost Per Lead



Page Likes

Per Post Reach

Sam's Pop & Beer Shop is a beer distributer located in Arnold, PA. We started working with them during a world wide pandemic and still delivered results. We have had huge success with their partner brand giveaways that has increased their engagement ten fold and lead to increased sales.

New Product Sell Out in 24 Hours only 5 days after service starts

> $1.00

Cost Per Lead

2,900 +


Page Followers

Per Post Reach 


Giveaway Entries

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